I've recently bought a Canon 5d mk3 having sold my mk2 to my nephew Alasdair Brotherston who's using it as a second camera for a film he's making, the mk3 has a good multiple image setting allowing me to overlay up to 9  images in a number of different blend modes. I hope to produce some photographic evidence of this here, expect some chaotic beauty!
I worked with fellow photographer Jon Chater to produce the 'Coming or Going?' exhibition at Oxford House, Bethnal Green in January 2018. We photographed and interviewed people from the European Union following the Referendum and the government's decision to leave Europe. I've put a link to the interviews  we did at the time on the menu, I wonder what their thoughts are now, 5 years down the line with Brexit a shattering failure.
I did a photo shoot at Somerset House with lutenist Robert Meunier and soprano Kate Macoboy, they really packed an emotional punch as they performed tracks from their Italian Renaissance album Michelangelo's Madrigal. TV director Tim Dunn gave me this job, had one from the photoshoot on the cover of the slipcase, it was a killer shot according to RM.
JB's Casual Vices are a great 5-piece band who play New Orleans influenced songs from the 1930s to the 60s, think Fats Waller, James Booker and Charles Brown.
There's also Days at the Seaside in which I photographed people in Brighton and Burbo Bank, Crosby..
Prints  are available from my website, just send me a message on the contacts form, let me know the size and whether you'd like it framed .
Steve Bell, 2023
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